Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weigh-in for 3/22/2014

Last weigh-in (2/28/2014) : 144.2 lb

This weigh-in (3/22/2014) : 142.4 lb

Change : 1.8 lb lost


Total weight loss since Izzie : 58 lb

I've finally done what I've said I was going to do at the start of the month - gotten back on track.  In less than a calendar month, we have Valentine's Day, both kids' birthdays, their parties, and then my birthday.  That's a lot of chocolate, cake, and eating out.  It gets me every year, and now that the last party (of ours at least) is over, I am gearing up to drop the few pounds I've gained and get back into fighting shape for summer!

This week is when I finally buckled down.  Seeing the number on the scale get up to 145.4lbs a week ago scared me and gave me anxiety, thinking back to Germany.  Granted, this time I gained 5lbs in a two month period, whereas I was gaining 5lbs a month in Germany.  I am down to one nursing session with Izzie now, so my daily points target is back to the lowest that anyone can have at 26.  It took careful planning and tracking to hit that each day, but I chose more filling options, making me less inclined to go looking for a little something sweet after I'd already eaten a meal.

We are down to 8 weeks until California and the day we get back home is the first weekend of the pool being open, so this is the home stretch before "summer." I say it like that because there's still snow on the ground and below freezing temps, so who knows when of if summer will get here this year.  My goal was to be under 140lbs by then and I am confident that I can do that now that my mind is in the right place.  I would need less than 0.5lb per week to reach that goal.  I've been stocking up on clothes for the kids and Andy for the trip and am dying to dive in and splurge on new clothes for me since I have almost none for me at this size and the ones I do still have tags on them.  Summer is by far my favorite for clothes and I'm going to have a blast!  I finally look like I always thought I did in my head and I'm going to enjoy it :)