Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weigh-in for 11/24/2013

Last weigh-in (11/16/2013) : 144.8 lb

This weigh-in (11/24/2013) : 143.2 lb

Change : 1.6 lb lost

Total weight loss since Izzie : 57.2 lbs

I said I was going to buckle down this week and I kept that promise.  I'm happy that I could get a good loss under my belt before Thanksgiving when everyone overeats to some extent.  My family comes to us and we have a full weekend planned of eating our hearts out. I'd be crazy to weigh-in next weekend in the middle of that, so the next weigh-in will be after I've had a week of damage control.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 2013 Measurements

  •  Last month (10/19/2013) - 39.25 inches
  •  This month (11/16/2013) - 38.75 inches


  •  Last month (10/19/2013) - 29.5 inches
  •  This month (11/16/2013) - 28.5 inches  

  •  Last month (10/19/2013) - 36.5 inches
  •  This month (11/16/2013) - 36 inches


  •   Last month (10/19/2013) - 20.5 inches each
  •   This month (11/16/2013) - 20 inches each 


  • Last month (10/19/2013) - 10 inches each
  • This month (11/16/2013) - 9.75 inches each

The last month hasn't yielded too much lost on the scale (less than 2lbs), but the inches are still coming off and that's what matters when it comes to clothes fitting better and seeing changes in yourself.  While I've set a weight goal for myself, as long as the physical changes are still happening, I won't stress too much if the weight comes off more slowly from this point forward.  I probably won't post arms or bust unless there's a major change from this point as well as they are getting to the point where there isn't much more to lose in those areas.

Izzie started taking swim lessons a few weeks ago and that meant I was back into my bathing suits (and more specifically my bikinis) for the first time since August.  I had taken a selfie the first time I wore it during the summer, which was in the middle of July at 163lbs.  Since then, I've had to tighten the straps on the top and moved to a smaller bottom size, in addition to being down about 20lbs, so I decided to take another shot to compare the difference.  It's hard for me to notice other than clothing sizes changing, so this was pretty shocking even for me to see.  I'm not super model skinny, but man have I made a difference.  Four months saw 20lbs gone, in addition to 2.75 inches from each thigh, 3 inches from my bust, 3.5 inches from my waist, and a whopping 4.5 inches from my hips.  I am currently at my lowest hip and waist measurements since starting Weight Watchers 7.5 years ago (and who knows how long before that).  I hope to make even greater changes before the summer!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weigh-in for 11/16/2013

Last weigh-in (11/2/2013) : 144.4 lb

This weigh-in (11/16/2013) : 144.8 lb

Change : 0.4 lb gained

Total weight loss since Izzie : 55.6 lbs

Well, I'm certainly human and the last two weeks I've kinda enjoyed myself eating wise.  I've not had a full week in the gym either week, but went which is the important part.  There was Halloween candy in the house and while I was good leading up to Halloween, you can only walk by it so many times without having some.  We had a trip home and there was lots of eating out.  I usually make good choices at restaurants, but not so much these times.  All I can do is shrug it off and work hard this week so I can have some loss before Thanksgiving week when I know I'll be enjoying some good food.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weigh-in for 11/2/2013

Last weigh-in (10/26/2013) : 145.2 lb

This weigh-in (11/2/2013) : 144.4 lb

Change : 0.8 lb lost

Total weight loss since Izzie : 56 lbs

The Weight Watchers scale was kind to me this morning, as my own scale didn't have me down so much.  I'll probably pay for it next week, but right now I don't care.  That's a decent loss for a week where I only made it to the gym twice and of course, it was also Halloween week.  I definitely implored my will power this week, as I only allowed myself three pieces of candy in the last two days.  We also went over to a friend's house after Trick-or-Treat and they had pizza.  We had already eaten before the kids went out, so I just enjoyed the company and didn't eat anything.  There were plenty of times in the past where I'd say, "Screw it," and eat the pizza anyway.  That shows how far I've come in the last seven and a half years.  There are certainly times when I allow myself to overindulge, but I have to pick and choose.  I can't do it every time that I might want to.  If I didn't allow myself some things that aren't so great for me, I'd never be able to stay on program and this is something I have to maintain for the rest of my life, so I have to make concessions sometimes.