Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 Stats

Starting weight : 165.2 lb

Ending weight: 162.6

Change: 2.6 lb lost (average 0.6 lb lost per week)

This time last year: 183 lb

Overall, this has been a good month. Honestly, any month with a net loss is a good month. 0.6lb is an amazing weekly average. I have no illusions of losing several pounds a week because it's completely unrealistic to sustain that amount of loss. Slow and steady is the only way to do it. People get frustrated when they see only 0.2lb lost in a week, but they need to realize that the weight didn't come on overnight and will take time to come off. Any amount lost is a victory, as is a maintain. It's just so easy to have a gain.

June had its challenges and triumphs. I reached my pre-pregnancy weight, and then lost more. That was a huge milestone for me after 16 months. The challenge was that I had my first gain since April 2. It was only 0.2lb but it almost shatters your confidence when you've been on such a hot streak. Since April 2, I have lost 10lb. That's the fastest I've lost 10lb since the month after I had Brady. It was surprising and exciting to have lost that much in less than 3 months because my goal was 0.5lb lost per week. If I had only done that, I would be 166.6lb, a whole 4lb more than I currently weigh.

Last night, Andy got a DVD in the mail. It was a movie about a high school wrestler whose dad was the coach. About half way through the film, Andy asked me to look at the logo in the gym and sure enough it was Wash High (where Andy went to school). I had been watching the outside scenes and hadn't even realized they were shooting this movie in Wash Pa. Andy said he knew the main wrestler and all the other wrestlers were kids at his school as well. He even pointed out some of his friends as extras. The wrestler was always being pushed by his dad to make weight for the most competitive weight class (119lb). I was shocked at this weight because that's the minimum healthy weight for someone who is 5'4". These kids were certainly taller than that. There was constant pressure from their coaches and parents to make weight, to the point where they were only eating two days after the match and starving and dehydrating themselves the remaining 5 days. The main character was practically bulimic just so he wouldn't have to let down his dad. Towards the end, he collapsed and ended up in the hospital with a slew of health issues that were from starving himself practically to death. This was the wake up call the kid needed to realize he was living his dad's dream and not his. A note at the end of the movie said that rules have changed and such low weights are no longer required for the safety of the athletes. It made me so angry that parents were encouraging their children to starve just for a sport.

Tonight is my last night in the gym before Saturday's weigh in, so I need to make it count. I am down a bit since last Saturday, but that's not a guarantee that it'll still be a loss this week.

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