Friday, April 27, 2012

Weigh-in for 4/27/2012

Last weigh-in (3/31/2011) : 158.2 lb

This weigh-in (4/27/2012) : 164.4 lb

Change : 6.2 lb gained

I am beyond tired of watching these numbers creep up and can't wait to get home so I can take it off.  At this rate, I will easily be 170lb by the time we get home and that's a number I haven't seen in almost exactly a year.  I'm so discouraged that I spent the last year working my butt off (literally) and it's back.  I felt so good about myself and now I feel like a complete slob.  

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  1. Right there with you! I gained 3 pounds early on then have maintained. Hadn't been on the scale in weeks and jut did yesterday. I had gained four. What's sad is I've lost motivation to exercise anymore. It's been weeks. We ll have to be walking buddies again when we get to Michigan! We ll help each other get back, we can even go to ww together!