Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year-End Stats

Starting weight : 189.0 lb

Ending weight : 142.2 lb

Change : 46.8 lb lost (average 3.9 lb lost per month)

Going from the start of 2013 to the end with weight doesn't accurately reflect the loss for the year, since I was still pregnant at the start and the numbers went up for the first two months of the year, up to 200.4lbs.  The total loss when looking at the weight that was shed would be 58.2lbs and that was all lost in the last 10 months of the year, which made the monthly average when it came to weight lost 5.82lbs lost per month.  

This year has been absolutely phenomenal when it comes to weight loss.  I really had no idea that I could lose almost 60lbs in 10 months while caring for two young children.  In the 10 months following Brady being born, I only lost 44.2lbs and weighed almost 30lbs more than I do today.  I am at my lowest ever on program and also the lowest I've been since middle school.  I'm in clothes sizes I would've never dreamed of being in.  I look better than I did the day I graduated high school and also the day I got married.  Sometimes I really can't believe how far I've come in the last 7.5 years on Weight Watchers, it's truly changed my life.  I know my kids will be healthier because I'm healthier and that's more than I could ever ask for.

This year was huge in terms of weight loss and obviously I'm at a point where there's not much left to reach my ultimate goal.  I have 12.2lbs I still want to lose before I'm ready to stop with weight loss (but the journey to maintain is just as hard).  I would like to do that before my 10-year high school reunion in July, but would be happy to see it before we ring in 2015.  That's an average of 1lb per month, which I can see being totally achievable.  My biggest benchmarks will now be seeing the inches go down rather than the pounds.  I'm at a very healthy weight, so if that doesn't change and the inches still come off, I won't obsess about the number on the scale.  Here's to a happy and healthy 2014!

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