Friday, December 13, 2013

Weigh-in for 12/13/2013

Last weigh-in (11/24/2013) : 143.2 lb

This weigh-in (12/13/2013) : 142.2 lb

Change : 1 lb lost

Total weight loss since Izzie : 58.2 lbs

It's Friday the 13th and while I am superstitious to an extent, I believe you make your own "luck" when it comes to weight loss, so I wasn't too afraid of getting on the scale this morning.  There was some apprehension as I had spent two whole weeks out of the gym due to the kids getting sick, and then giving it to me.  Also, in addition to a Thanksgiving weekend full of food, the week after wasn't easy either.  There were only two or three days in the last two weeks where I ate both meals at home.  My mental visualization of eating badly is that I balloon up.  I think that my clothes will stop fitting and while it may happen in the course of a month or more, a week here or there wouldn't do that (unless you were carrying some serious water weight or had a thyroid problem).  

Christmas for my kids is tomorrow, hence the Friday weigh-in.  Tonight will involve baking cookies and hanging stocking to be filled with candy and other treats.  I will weigh-in next Friday before heading out of town for two weeks, but I allow myself some treats here and there.  Especially since this coming week means making dozens of cookies.  How could I resist tasting a few?  I'll just make sure I make the most of my last week in the gym before the new year and finish out strong.

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