Sunday, October 13, 2013

Setting My Final Goal

Well, I've made it to pre-Germany weight and have even dipped below it.  That was the goal I set for myself to reach before Christmas, so now it's time to set my new, and final, goal for myself.  The healthy weight range for my height (5'6") is anywhere between 124lbs and 155lbs.  The ultimate number I want to reach is 130lbs, and I would like to reach that by the time I get to my 10 year high school reunion in early July.  I want to look so good that people don't even recognize me.  I have just under  nine months to lose 16.8lbs, which means I need to lose less than half a pound per week in order to reach this final goal.

130lbs has been a number in my head for a long time, since I was a teenager.  The last time I was 130lbs was when I was 14 and at that age, I was just over five feet tall, so it wasn't a healthy weight for me at that time.  I was huge into Friends and I would read articles about how Jennifer Aniston was having a hard time getting her big break because she was overweight.  Even having a father in the business wasn't enough to get her the jobs she wanted.  She was 5'6" like I am and weighed 160lbs.  She went out and lost 30lbs and then landed her huge gig on Friends.

A 30lb difference from 160lbs to 130lbs (although I'm pretty sure there have been many times when she's gone lower than that).

Although Jennifer Aniston's story is what got the number in my head, there was a bigger inspiration that lead to the body that I would like to have.  I have watched Days of Our Lives since I was Brady's age or even younger.  Alison Sweeney has been on the show for over 20 years and I used to watch when she was just a chubby teenager.  She went on to lose a ton of weight and eventually landed herself as the host of The Biggest Loser.  She's well endowed like myself and has also had two kids.

Just about a month ago, she was on the cover of Shape magazine and my mom brought it to my notice while we were getting our hair done.  She looks amazing!  She's 36, so nine years older than myself, and I can only hope that I look that good by the time that I'm 36.

My butt has been a huge sticking point in my weight loss and something I've heard criticism about my whole life from multiple sources.  Andy decided to catch a shot of me from behind last night and made a point of showing it to me to show me how small he thought it was looking.  Of course, it's not small in comparison to most, but it's small for me.  It's hard to ever see yourself from behind, so I'm glad Andy was able to show me that my hard work is making a difference.  I've already bought my bikini's for next summer on clearance and I have this image in my head of how I'll look in them at my final goal and this is when it's really going to happen.

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