Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 2013 Stats & November Goals

Starting weight : 149.8 lb

Ending weight : 145.2 lb

Change : 4.6 lb lost (average 1.05lb lost per week)

This time last year : 178 lb (21 weeks pregnant)

My goal for October was to get to pre-Germany weight (148.2lbs) and I certainly achieved that and more.  I write weight changes on my calendar hanging in the kitchen and Andy saw the start and end weight for the month and couldn't believe how much I'd lost in a month, especially being in a healthy weight range already.  I know that it's not going to keep up like this and the weekly numbers most week have tapered off.

I have 15.2 lbs to go before I reach my ultimate goal of 130 lbs.  I know I set that for early July, but we head to California in mid-May and I'd love to be there by the time we head out there.  That's six and a half months away and that means I need to average about 2.3lbs per month to get there.  There will be four weigh-ins this month, so I will shoot for an average of 0.6lb per week and a total of 2.4lbs.  I'd love to be at the 140lb mark by Christmas and that will get me halfway there.

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