Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weigh-in for 10/12/2013 ~ New Lowest Ever!!!

Last weigh-in (10/5/2013) : 149.0 lb

This weigh-in (10/12/2013) : 146.8 lb

Change : 2.2 lb lost

Total weight loss since Izzie : 53.6 lbs

I finally did it! Exactly 20 months and 3 weeks after I stepped on the plane to Germany, I am back at the weight I was that day!  Coming home 20lbs heavier and being pregnant before we got home, watching the weight creep up for another nine months, I despaired that I might never get back here again in those darkest of days.  I kicked that attitude in the butt the minute Izzie was born and decided that I would be there before Christmas.  Hard work, determination, and sheer willpower are what led me back here and not only did I reach that weight, I blew through it!

It's time to start thinking about a new (and final) goal before I start the long lifetime- journey of maintenance.  I'm not done having kids, so there will come times when it becomes necessary to kick it into weight-loss mode once again, but by reaching my ultimate goal before then, I will have less to lose before maintenance become the norm again.  So much of my family hasn't seen me in months and I'm excited to blow everyone away when I next see them.  My 93 year old grandma sees us maybe once a year (if that) and the last two times she saw me was when Brady was 10 months old (170lbs) and last year when I was seven months pregnant with Izzie (189lbs).  She's likely to think I'm sickly because she's never seen me thin.

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