Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013 Stats & April Goals

Starting weight : 200.4 lb

Ending weight : 181.6 lb

Change : 18.8 lb lost (average 4.4lb lost per week)

This time last year : 158.2 lb

Well, there's nothing like having a baby to help drop the pounds fast.  But on the other side, you also have to gain weight, so it's not really a win.  I'm down over half of what I gained during pregnancy, so that's a good thing, but I still have another 13.6lbs to lose to get where I was when I got pregnant and more after that.  One step at a time though.

I certainly can't expect the weight to drop as drastically in April, especially since 10lbs were from delivery alone.  Hopefully settling into a routine will help and I'll be able to get back into the gym mid-month as well.  My initial goal was to be at pre-pregnancy weight by three months postpartum, which would mean an average of 6.8lbs for each of the next two months as my baby girl is already a month old.  That's quite a high number to reach in any month, even with eating well, exercising, and breastfeeding.  It would mean an average loss of 1.6lbs per week.  I won't set my goals so high that I can't achieve them and be disappointed, so for April I will try to lose a pound per week and if it's more, that's just icing on the cake.  That will at least get me back into the 170s and one step closer to getting back at my lowest.

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