Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 2013 Measurements


  •  Last month (6/18/2013) - 45 inches
  •  This month (7/13/2013) - 43.25 inches


  •  Last month (6/18/2013) - 33 inches
  •  This month (7/13/2013) - 32 inches 

  •   Last month (6/18/2013) - 23 inches each
  •   This month (7/13/2013) - 22.75 inches each 

  • Last month (6/18/2013) - 11.5 inches each
  • This month (7/13/2013) - 11 inches each

I think my favorite measurement to watch go down is the hips, which has always been my problem area.  The lowest I have ever gotten my hips was 40.5 inches, so hoping to push through that when I get back to pre-Germany weight.  Although I love watching the hips go down, it's likely the waist that's what will keep me from donning my bikinis at the beach in a week.  They fit and I have worn them at higher weights before, but the "mommy belly" is still shrinking back to normal.  It's not bad when I'm standing or laying down, but sitting down, there's some pooch and I'm a bit self conscious about it.  Maybe next year.  A small victory was that I was finally able to wear those size 12 bermuda jean shorts comfortably.  That was a goal I set for my self to do before the beach and I did it!  

I'm finally starting to get to a point where my measurements are lining up with the weight.  The last time I was at these hip measurements I was 163.4lbs (163 now), but the waist measurements are still off as I was 174.4lbs.  I'm starting to look at it another way, though.  That was when Brady was 9 months old, so my belly and waistline are shrinking much faster, no doubt a testament to my hitting the gym on a regular basis for the last three months.  It does a lot for my self esteem to be getting into a more comfortable weight range and wearing some of my clothes again.  I really hated wearing bigger clothes after Brady, I just didn't feel like myself.

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