Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 2013 Measurements


  •  Last month (7/13/2013) - 43.25 inches
  •  This month (8/17/2013) - 42.5 inches


  •  Last month (7/13/2013) - 32 inches
  •  This month (8/17/2013) - 31.5 inches 

  •   Last month (7/13/2013) - 22.75 inches each
  •   This month (8/17/2013) - 21.75 inches each 


  • Last month (7/13/2013) - 11 inches each
  • This month (8/17/2013) - 10.5 inches each

No weigh-in this week because we had to leave town unexpectedly and I want to get a few gym sessions in before I step on the scale.  Two weeks left to lose 2lbs!  Since measurements don't change drastically in one week, I decided to do those this week to give me an idea of how things are progressing since last month.  I've lost 4lbs since the last set of measurements five weeks ago and I was pretty pleased with the results, considering two of those weeks were spent either on vacation or out of town.  In the back of my mind, I always wonder what they would be like if I'd been in the gym the whole five weeks, but I can't dwell on that.  I can only look forward.

My hip measurements are now exactly in line with the weight from two years ago.  I usually focus my workouts on the lower half of my body, so I'm very glad to see the hard work paying off.  The waist measurement is still from over 10lbs ago (last time), but Brady was just turning one, so it's definitely coming off faster this time around.  I was most pleased with the thigh measurements this month.  I was just about 150lbs when my thighs were last this size.  This is the first time the measurements have been better now than at a lower weight and that's exciting because I know when I get to that weight again, the measurements will be even better!  I can definitely tell a difference in the way clothes are fitting.  Two months ago, we attended a funeral and I was wearing size 14 dress pants and they weren't exactly comfortable to sit down in.  We attended another funeral this week and I was wearing size 13 dress pants and they were extremely comfortable.  Those who have worn both know that juniors and womens pants are cut very differently, so I was happy to be in a junior cut as well.  It was also nice that several people who had seen me only seven weeks ago (and 8lbs up) noticed and complemented me on my loss in such a short time.  I sometimes don't even see that much change (since I see myself in the mirror every day), so it's really nice when other people notice.  Once I get to lifetime weight again, I won't be fretting as much about the week to week weigh-ins, but will be focusing on the measurements more as they are what control the clothing sizes.

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