Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 2013 Stats & September Goals

Starting weight : 161.8 lb

Ending weight : 154.8 lb

Change : 7 lb lost (average 1.65lb lost per week)

This time last year : 171.8 lb (13 weeks pregnant)

This has easily been the biggest month of weight loss since Izzie was born (excluding March when she was born).  7lbs in one month is crazy and certainly not something I can expect all the time.  I'm sure some of it was rebound from getting back in the gym and working out after the beach and also after the funeral.  Nothing works better for weight loss than getting off track for a few days then getting back on.  Most weight loss plans have a "cheat day" and that's exactly why.

With only 6.6lbs til pre-Germany weight and four months to get there, I think it's time to scale back the monthly goals.  I will only be breastfeeding part time when we start solids in a week, so the weight is sure to come of more slowly after that.  I'm not even going to shoot for a pound per week this month.  There are four weigh-ins for September and I'd like to lose 3lbs.

Something that helps you along the way is taking pictures along with measurements.  I took the top set 6 weeks after Izzie on my first day back in the gym (179.4lbs).  The middle set was 16 weeks after Izzie when I had reached below pre-pregnancy weight (167lbs).  The bottom set was last night at 26 weeks after Izzie and back at Lifetime weight (154.8lbs).  It's hard to see a change in the day to day, but looking at it like this helps reaffirm that changes are happening.

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