Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weigh-in for 8/3/2013

Last weigh-in (7/19/2013) : 161.8 lb

This weigh-in (8/3/2013) : 161.6 lb

Change : 0.2lb lost

Germany weight loss :
6.4lb of 19.8lb gained

Amount needed to get back to WW lifetime weight : 6.6 lbs

I'm not shocked about such a small loss over the span of two weeks.  The previous weigh-in was one day before we went on vacation for a week and I ate what I wanted.  When I got back and stepped on the scale, I was only up 1lb (a miracle that give full credit to breastfeeding).  I spent two days in the gym making sure I took it off.  I would've been happy with a complete maintain but happy that I even got a tiny loss.  Now that we're back home, I can focus on my workouts and tracking so that I reach my goal of getting back to the lifetime weight by the end of the month.  My clothes have been getting looser and others fitting better, so I will be excited to take my measurements in two weeks.

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