Sunday, February 5, 2012

Discovering New Markets

We've now been in Germany for two and a half weeks. From my earlier posts, you could probably tell that I was starting to freak out about the lack of variety and light options. Since that time, things have changed slightly with the discovery of new markets.

Our neighbor took me to the butcher and the Rewe market near the train station about four blocks away. I took Andy there last weekend and we stocked up on some good food, but were still feeling rather limited because they are big on packaged soups (in powder form) and mixes here. We were unable to find cream of chicken soup to make one of our favorite dishes and if we want to eat that, we'll have to make our own cream of chicken soup. We also had to get canned vegetables for another dish and it wasn't very good that way.

Our American friends in northern Germany mentioned a Real market that is the German equivalent of Walmart. Another mom from our English-speaking playgroup mentioned that there are several Reals in the area and I quickly looked up the locations so we could go there this weekend. We went there (about 20 min by car from our house) and it was comforting to see that this was a store where we could get almost anything we could want (minus the coveted cream of chicken soup). We got a cheese grater, bagels, light cream cheese (it tasted like diet food 10-15 years ago, so not very good), several frozen meals, fruit, and a few other items. It was a huge store and I'm sure when we go back next weekend, we will find lots more to eat. We have a tiny freezer, so we can't fit very much in it, so we have to be careful when in such a large store. It's still easier and cheaper to get the main staples around the corner at Aldi's and we don't have to worry about stocking up for the week on those things. I still don't like that most things are carb-based and I'm a little taken aback by that. I knew France was famous for their bakeries, and never really expected there to be a bakery on every corner here in Germany.

On a side note, we located the weight watchers location with a Saturday meeting, but didn't quite make it in time before the meeting. It was a very small location and the meeting had already started. In the States, there is a separate area for people weighing-in that wouldn't disrupt the meeting. That wasn't the case here, so I didn't get the chance to weigh-in. We will have to try and get there earlier next week.

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