Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weigh-in for 4/13/2013 ~ Back in the 170s!!!

Last weigh-in (4/6/2013) : 181 lb

This weigh-in (4/13/2013) : 179.4 lb

Change : 1.6 lb lost

Total loss postpartum : 21lb of 32.4lb gained 

Amount needed to get back to WW lifetime weight : 24.4 lbs 

I tracked every single day this week and the weight loss shows it.  I'm very happy with the number I'm seeing this week, especially since I'm back into the 170s.  I am at the same weight 6 weeks after having Izzie that I was 5 months after having Brady.  This gives me hope of making it not only to my pre-pregnancy weight sooner, but getting back to my WW lifetime weight in a timely fashion.  

I get a three month grace period to get back to lifetime weight, which I saw as completely impossible due to the 20lbs gained in Germany.  I was pleased to learn that the ladies at the front desk today decided to start my grace period as my first weigh-in, which was last week.  I now have until July 6, instead of June 3.  Losing 22.4 (I can be back at lifetime 2lbs above my goal weight) in 12 weeks is much more reasonable.  I won't expect myself to reach it by July 6, but hopefully be as close as possible.

Andy decided to cancel his WW membership and track on a $0.99 iPhone app.  I was fine with that, but decided he needed a level of accountability to make him track and stay on track.  I suggested posting his weights here along with mine each week so that it was there for the world to see and he agreed.  This was the first week he weighed himself (after tracking all week).  His weight was 225lbs.  It's stayed pretty stable since returning home from Europe and he's eager to get back where he was when we left (around 190lbs).

Andy has been bothering me to join a gym since we moved to Michigan (he also gained weight in Germany).  I worked out until I hit 6 weeks pregnant at my old YMCA in Pittsburgh, but that's when I started to feel pretty yucky and became glued to the couch.  Joining a gym while pregnant seemed like a waste of money, so we agreed to wait until I was 6 weeks postpartum and cleared for physical activity by my doctor.  That appointment was yesterday and I'm good to go.

We had already set up the appointment to tour the Lifetime Fitness two blocks from our house.  It was much nicer than any other gym we've been to (and a bit pricier as well).  The huge draw to this gym as opposed to others was that they offer child care.  That's something we had down South and it led to us going much more often.  It's great for me because I can go in the middle of the day and get me time while the kids get to play, so we all win.  Izzie will be able to go to the daycare as soon as she turns 3 months old (which will be here before we know it).  Their child care center was AMAZING!!!  We got to drop Brady off there while we did our tour and paperwork and we were shocked at how large and extensive it was.  They had a small area for the babies, the toddlers, and the older kids (2 and up) could go anywhere, including using the computers or playing in the indoor basketball court.

It's such an amazing facility that it has its own spa and cafe.  It also has indoor and outdoor pools.  Being open 24 hours a day makes it easy for us to get in a workout whenever we have the time.  We had a hard time finding a parking space and figured the place would be packed (as most gyms are on a Saturday).  When we got up to the cardio floor, there were more machines than people and the consultant told us you never have to wait for a machine.  Part of our enrollment included a health assessment with a personal trainer (which we take tomorrow) and $200 to spend on programs.  We are using all of that for Brady to take swim lessons all summer and also a karate class.  We are thrilled to get back in shape and are eagerly anticipating our first workout to be a doozy.

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