Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weigh-in for 5/23/2013

Last weigh-in (5/18/2013) : 173.4 lb

This weigh-in (5/23/2013) : 172.4 lb

Change : 1 lb lost

Total loss postpartum : 28lb of 32.4lb gained 

Amount needed to get back to WW lifetime weight : 17.4 lbs

It hasn't been a full week since my last weigh-in, but we will be home over the weekend, with a grad party Friday night, so a Saturday weigh-in wouldn't be quite accurate. I weighed myself on my home scale which can be anywhere from 0.6lbs below the WW scale or 0.2lbs up from it, so I decided not to try and adjust it and just deal with the adjustment next week when I get back on their scales.  1lb in a short week isn't half bad.

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