Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weigh-in for 5/4/2013

Last weigh-in (4/27/2013) : 177.8 lb

This weigh-in (5/4/2013) : 176.4 lb

Change : 1.4 lb lost

Total loss postpartum : 24lb of 32.4lb gained 

Amount needed to get back to WW lifetime weight : 21.4 lbs

I am very happy with the number this week.  The last month was alternating every week between a big number and a small number, so it was good to get two bigger numbers in a row.  I love watching the numbers go lower and chip away at the pregnancy weight (only 8.4lbs of that to go).

There were some mixed feelings this week.  I LOVE wearing dresses in the summer but my daughter (who we call Princess Priss) has decided she will refuse all bottles.  That means dress options are limited as I'm unwilling to pull the whole thing up to nurse.  I mean, my undies would be showing to the whole world, so it's just a no go.  We have so many events in the next two months that I went ahead a bought a few nursing dresses.  They came last Saturday and when I tried them on, I felt pretty lousy about myself.  I had to buy larges because I knew mediums wouldn't fit my bust due to nursing.  They fit in the bust, were huge in the waist, then hugged my huge hips.  I felt like I was wearing a pillowcase.

On the other hand, I needed some nicer dresses for other events like beach pictures, family portraits, and Izzie's baptism.  The nursing dresses are just stretchy cotton so they wouldn't work even if they fit well.  I looked a few dresses online and went to find them in the store to try on as many stores are having Mothers Day sales.  I found a gorgeous multi-blue maxi dress for beach portraits and was thrilled when I got into a 12.  It might not seem like a big accomplishment, but I was wearing 14s until Brady was almost 1.  Just today, I was still on the hunt for a pink dress for family portraits and found the one that I had wanted online.  They only had a 10 and an 18 on the racks, but I knew they carried all the in between sizes online, so I decided to try the 10 on and see how much more room I needed.  The 10 fit!  I was on such a high until I saw my backside in the mirror while taking it off.  I still have a lot to lose to get back to where I looked good.  If I continue to lose 1lb per week average, I'll be there by Christmas.

This week also marked my 7 year anniversary with Weight Watchers.  It certainly doesn't feel like it's been 7 years and that's almost 1/4 of my life.  I'll be on it for the rest of my life, but it's my way of life and never a burden.\

Andy lost 1lb this week so he's now down to 224lbs.

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