Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 2013 Measurements


  •  Last month (5/10/2013) - 46.5 inches
  •  This month (6/18/2013) - 45 inches

  •  Last month (5/10/2013) - 34 inches
  •  This month (6/18/2013) - 33 inches 
  •   Last month (5/10/2013) - 23.75 inches each
  •   This month (6/18/2013) - 23 inches each

The last five weeks have been pretty good in terms of measurements and taking off the inches.  A total of four inches gone.  Clothes are definitely fitting better and I'm getting into smaller pants for sure.  I had to attend a funeral last week and was so scared that I wouldn't be able to fit into anything I had.  I was able to get into my size 14 black dress pants (that I bought at 9 months postpartum after Brady) and one of my regular dressy tops.  In addition to that, my size 12 bermudas (non-jeans) fit comfortably.  The jean bermudas are now able to be zipped up (with no muffin top) and I would imagine they will be comfortable within the next month.  That nursing dress I bought at the end of April and felt disgusting in due to how my hips looked, now fits better and I don't feel so self-conscious while wearing it.  I decided to splurge yesterday and buy some new nursing clothes for summer (til this point, I had three tank tops and one dress).  I was able to buy a medium dress and medium tank tops.  That feels soooo good.

The measurements still haven't caught up to the weight yet.  At these measurements after Brady, I was 177.2lbs, almost 10lbs heavier than I currently am.  The last time I was at this weight (168.8), my hips were 44 inches and my waist was 31 inches.  Hopefully in the next few months, we can get the two factors to start matching up.

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