Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 2013 Measurements


  •  Last month (8/17/2013) - 42.5 inches
  •  This month (9/15/2013) - 40.25 inches


  •  Last month (8/17/2013) - 31.5 inches
  •  This month (9/15/2013) - 31 inches 

  •   Last month (8/17/2013) - 21.75 inches each
  •   This month (9/15/2013) - 21 inches each 


  • Last month (8/17/2013) - 10.5 inches each
  • This month (9/15/2013) - 10.25 inches each

Since the last set of measurements 6.3lbs has come off and the inches seem to have come off equally quickly.  Right now, the only measurement that isn't smaller than the last time I was at this weight (151.7lbs) is the waist measurement. That's still the same as about 15lbs up from last time, but that was also much longer after having a baby.  As long as the numbers keep going down at the waist, no matter how slowly, I'll be happy.  My hips are the smallest they've been since joining weight watchers!  That's my biggest problem area and the one I put the most focus on in the gym, so I'm thrilled to see the results.

I broke into my "skinny" clothes bin that had been packed away shortly after returning from Europe.  I was so bummed that they had only fit me for a few short months before the carbs and fat got me.  I tried on all the pants and some of the tops and almost everything fit comfortably!  I did a little happy dance thinking about all of the options I will have this fall.  

I spent most of my teen years hiding behind too large clothing.  I was uncomfortable in my own skin and didn't want people to see what I really looked liked.  I hated to wear jeans and even when I got rid of most of the oversized clothes, I lived in sweats or pajama pants.  Even after Brady, if I wore jeans out (which was rare), as soon as I came home, I changed into something more comfortable.  Now that I'm becoming more confident and comfortable in my clothes, I think that I'll be dressing a bit better.  Of course, if I'm not going out, I'm not going to go all out, but I think it's important for my kids to see their mom not slouching around out and about all the time.  A whole new world of possibilities is opening up for me.

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