Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weigh-in for 9/21/2013

Last weigh-in (9/14/2013) : 151.7 lb

This weigh-in (9/21/2013) : 150.8 lb

Change : 0.9 lb lost

Germany weight loss :
17.2lb of 19.8lb gained

Total weight loss since Izzie : 49.6 lbs 

Not bad for a week after a huge loss.  I'm sure I was eating a bit too much regardless of hitting the gym three times this week.  This was Izzie's second week on rice cereal twice a day.  The first week, she wouldn't eat the whole bowl and still mainly nursed, so I didn't change my daily target to adjust for her eating solids.  It didn't really impact my weight loss last week by not changing the daily target.  This week she was eating more, but I still didn't change it.  I could tell as the days went on this week that she was nursing less than the prior week.  I knew by this coming week when she starts veggies mid-day in addition to the cereal twice a day that I would definitely have to change it.  Now I have 33 points plus per day instead of 40.  In a way, it will be a welcome relief as there were many days where I plotted out my day in advance and had 20 points or more to blow on things that weren't my three main meals.  It will also help mentally prepare me for when she stops nursing altogether and I go back to 26 points plus per day like I was for so long.

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