Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012 Stats

Starting weight : 154.0 lb

Ending weight : 158.2 lb

Change : 4.2 lb gained (average 0.7 lb gained per week since last weigh-in on 2/18/2012)

This time last year : 172.6 lb

Sure, I'm not happy seeing two months straight where I've gained about 4lb each, but I've finally taken control of my weight gain and made the effort to change.  The past two weeks have been much better and I've made better choices.  Even if I'm unable to lose anymore here, I can feel confident in the knowledge, that when I put my mind to it, I can at least maintain.  If I can get home with this number, I know I can take it off quickly when I get there.  I'll have more food choices and way less stress on myself.  I'll have access to a gym and more help during the day with Brady.  I just have to keep telling myself, that if I can make it through the next 16 weeks, I'll be home and it's so much worse it could be.  Here's to a much better April!

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