Monday, October 24, 2011

Cheat Days

Although it's hard on a Friday night knowing that I have to weigh-in the next morning, I generally like that Saturday morning is my weigh-in day. This means that Saturday and Sunday are my "cheat days." When I say "cheat," that doesn't mean I pig out and eat 3-4 times my daily points. It just means that I allow myself things that I don't later on in the week and sometimes get a special treat. There are lots of things I miss and crave, but I only allow myself a really good thing once a week. I usually spend my whole week thinking about that one thing until I can have it on Saturday or Sunday. This past week, I weighed-in on Wednesday, so I had 10 days before my next weigh-in. This meant I could be a little more bad than usual. On Friday, I allowed myself to share an Auntie Anne's pretzel with Brady. I haven't had one of those in 3 years! On Saturday, we went to linner (a combination of lunch and dinner) at Chili's and it was Rita Fest, so I got a margarita. I don't drink very often, so the last time I'd had a drink was at the beach on vacation in July. Today, I had one of those KFC bowls with the mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cheese, and popcorn chicken. They came out with those years ago, and I hadn't allowed myself to try one until today. It was fantastic and almost like shepherd's pie with chicken. It's okay to still live your life and also live a healthy lifestyle. If I had to live the rest of my life without french fries, bread, cookie, cheesecake, and other things (I could go on forever), I would probably have abandoned ship long ago. It's good to know that at the beginning of the week, I can treat myself.

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