Friday, October 28, 2011

My Chai Addiction

One of my favorite things is a non-fat, no water chai tea latte at Starbucks. I was pretty spoiled living in Oakland because we had one literally on our street, but two blocks down. It would be nice to throw Brady into the stroller, get out of the house for some fresh air, and have an amazing treat. We would often go for a long walk around Oakland while I sipped my nice hot drink.

When we moved to Michigan it was a little harder because although there were Starbucks nearby, none of them were drive-thru and it's so hard getting a baby out of the car and carrying a baby and a hot drink back to the car. It's almost impossible. This meant I only got a good chai occasionally at the mall and once a week on the way to Gymboree because there was a drive-thru Starbucks nearby.

Moving to South Carolina, I was in for quite a shock. There is not a single Starbucks in all of Anderson and the closest one is 25 miles away! We are overrun with Dunkin Donuts here, so that's why there are no Starbucks. My habit got taken down to sometimes once a week because Gymboree is in Greenville and there is no shortage of Starbucks there.

Recently, I was shopping around in Target and noticed a box of the chai concentrate that they use in all Starbucks. To make things even better, it was decaf! I bought two boxes ($4 each) and was thrilled to think that I didn't have to wait a whole week for my next fix. Buying the boxes of concentrate means I am saving a ton of money as well. A venti chai at Starbucks costs over $4 and I can make 6 from each box. So using the two boxes, I am saving $40! What's also great is I can control how much I make, so I can even lower the points if I don't have many left in a day and I really want to have one. It's a total win/win situation!

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