Friday, October 7, 2011


Those of you located in the Midwest are probably familiar with O&H Danish Bakery, located in Racine, Wisconsin. I had never heard of this bakery until I met Andy and he knew of it because he had spent a summer working in Racine. This bakery is famous for making kringles, which are a traditional Danish pastry. They can be filled with fruit or cheese, and sometimes have an iced topping. It's a large pastry that can serve about 12 people. Andy introduced these to me and it was love at first sight. I think the first one I ever had was cherry and I LOVE cherry. Since then, I think we have gotten about 2 a year and often get them for my parents as a gift. To date, I think I've tried over 10 flavors and they're always introducing new ones. My favorite was probably the pumpkin caramel we had a few years ago. My last birthday was the first Friday of Lent, so we got a King Cake kringle to celebrate. They only offer those during February and March so we hadn't had one before. This fall they introduced two new flavors, apple crumble and pumpkin cheese. Both were very appealing to me, but we decided on the apple crumble, which is only available in September. It was delicious and reminded me of my Oma's apple strudel. When it arrived, there was of course another catalog and we saw they now have a red velvet kringle. That's something we will definitely have to get before we head overseas.

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