Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Holiday Season

Between Halloween and New Years, the average American gains 10lbs. That's a scary thought to most people and the reason why Weight Watchers meeting rooms are packed the week after New Years. There are so many temptations during these two months and it's hard to ignore all of them. Like most people, I will be baking Christmas cookies and traveling home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, because all of our family lives in the same city, that means we have to "double dip" when it comes to these famous eating holidays. We go to two places on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. We also split time staying with each side of the family. Sometimes it easier to stay with them, and other times I wish I still lived there so we could just go home after a long day. Usually, we also spend several days visiting my grandma in NYC between Christmas and New Years and she's an Austrian immigrant, so she knows how to cook and none of it is healthy. I can count on one hand the number of times I've missed going up there during the holidays and this will be one of them, bringing the total to 3 missed visits.

I really hope that I can buckle down during the times we are at home during these two months to try and at least maintain. My first holiday season on weight watchers, I lost 4lb (it shocked even me), the second, I gained 4.6lb, the third, I gained 1lb, the fourth (when I was pregnant), I gained 10lb, and last year, I lost 0.8lb. So when I take the average of all five of those year, I have gained 2lb per year average. If I hadn't been pregnant one of those years, the average might have been lower. Being in the gym any time that we're home is hopefully going to help counteract the amount of eating that will take place in this marathon of events until after New Years.

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