Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weigh-in for 11/5/2011 - Official Lifetime Member!!!

Last weigh-in (10/29/2011) : 152.0 lb

This weigh-in (11/5/2011) : 151.6 lb

Change : 0.4 lb lost

6 weeks of maintain down!!! I am official a lifetime Weight Watchers member! They gave me a new card that will gain me access to any meeting around the world, a new key charm for my key chain, and a gold member book! The key charm is something that is earned after you lose 10% on program and you get charms for 25lb, 50lb, etc, and I also got one when I hit goal in the shape of a star.

The way lifetime works is that I maintain the free status as long as I weigh in at least once a month, no more than 2lb above my goal weight (which for me would mean staying under 157lb). The first weigh-in of the month is the only one that counts for the month. This means that if I weigh-in under my goal at the start of the month and go over the 157lb threshold later in the month, I won't have to pay. I would only ever have to pay if I started out the month over 157lb.

I had great satisfaction calling in today to cancel my monthly pass. Something that comes with the monthly pass is etools, which are accessible via online, my iPhone, and iPad. The etools contain a graph of your weight loss, the ability to track on the go, calculate points for any foods, and recipes. Before we switched to points plus, it was very easy to stay on track and not use the etools (which I never used until after I had Brady). You could calculate points via a slide rule they provided you and you could purchase books with the point values of every food and restaurant. Now there are too many factors in calculating points plus, so without etools, it's very difficult to stay on program. I did some research a while back and found out that I would lose my etools unless I wanted to pay $12.95/month to keep them as a lifetime member. There were a lot of people that were outraged at this since the promise is that you no longer have to pay when you hit lifetime. I figured that I would just use Andy's since his company pays for his membership. The leader told me today that if I can hold on one or two months, they are going to make it free for all lifetime members. This made me very happy, because I rely on my etools, especially on the go with my iPhone.

This week was difficult and I am grateful to have lost what I gained the week before. My next weigh-in will be in two weeks since we will be out of town for a wedding next weekend. That will also be the last weigh-in before Thanksgiving, so I hope I can make it a good one.

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