Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Planning your Week

Something I have found helpful over the years is planning my dinner meals at least week in advance. Sometimes I go further than that so that I know that I won't repeat any particular dish too often. What is nice about planning my dinners for the week is I can also decide which dish is going to be on each day. This allows me to not have two pasta dishes back to back, and I make sure to put heavier meals towards the beginning of the week, with lighter meals towards the end.

Planning my dinners, also helps me to plan my lunches. I usually don't plan my lunches until that morning or the night before. I look at what we're having for dinner and that helps make my choice. If we're having pasta for dinner, I avoid that for lunch. I can also look at how many points dinner will be and plan my lunch to be lighter or heavier depending on that. Using this method, most days I have trouble reaching my daily points target which is the lowest that anyone can have on Weight Watchers. This means I'm not overeating, but at the same time am satisfied enough that I'm never hungry. Try planning your meals in advance and see if it makes a difference for you!

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