Friday, August 19, 2011

The Permanence of Pictures

We can choose not to look in the mirror, but pictures are a constant reminder of how we look or used to look. The can be either good or bad. You can look back and feel good about being thinner, or look back and wish you were thinner now. Our house is filled with pictures, good and bad, and it's something I have to deal with. The hardest part is sometimes looking at pictures and thinking that at the time, you were happy with yourself, and that's not the case now.

Last night we had our yearly family portraits d
one and it made me look back at last year. I was 177lbs, just shy of 20lbs more than what I weigh now. Andy was 10lbs more than he is now. Of course, Brady has gained about 8lbs, but he's allowed since he's a baby :) Last year, almost my whole body was in the shot and it showed just how wide my hips were. This year, of course since I'm much thinner, I was only shot from the waist up in most of the shots.

One of my favorite pictures of myself would have to be when we were at our luau on Kauai. I was up 5lb from where I am now, but I was happy with the way I looked.

Although in the past two years I've been be
tween 158lb and 215lb, one of my least favorite pictures of myself would have to be on our trip to Disney this past May. I was 165lbs and what I don't like about it is how evident my "mommy belly" is. Granted, I'm 7lbs lighter than this now, but I still get that "mommy belly" when I sit down and it bothers me because I didn't have it before I was a mommy.

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