Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Biggest Loser Finale

Tonight at 9PM on NBC is the Biggest Loser season finale. In September when it started, I mentioned to all of you that my goal every season is to feel good about myself at the end, when the contestants are at their final weights. I also vowed that this season was going to be the season when I did feel good about myself at finale. I think I may have finally achieved that goal! When I made that vow in September, I weighed 154.6lb and now I am exactly 5lb lighter at 149.6lb.

Many nights, watching the show, I would feel even better about myself because I had been in the gym that night or the previous night and I didn't feel like a huge hypocrite sitting on my butt watching a show where people are trying to change their lives and working out like crazy. Getting under the 150lb mark has really helped to strengthen my confidence and I'm starting to feel better about my image every single day.

This season, the final three are all men, but that doesn't mean there aren't going to be some women who went home that will give me a run for my money. There was a woman (in the older age group of the three groups, so over 50), who was at 162lb when she got kicked off right before the final three. She could easily pass me up. There are also one or two women who looked really good when they showed up for the marathon. I'll be excited to see how I stack up and really excited to see who the winner is this season! For those of you who also watch, I am rooting for Ramon. I think he got a pretty unfair deal on the ranch and having won his spot in the finale by way of winning the marathon, makes me feel like he deserves it more. He is the proof that you can go home and make it happen.

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