Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weigh-in for 12/17/2011

Last weigh-in (12/10/2011) : 149.6 lb

This weigh-in (12/17/2011) : 148.2 lb

Change : 1.4 lb lost

I was very happy with this week's weight loss. This was a tough week, so to have any loss was great. We had dinner guests twice this week, but the good thing about being a host is you can control most of what is eaten. For example, during one of these dinner parties, we were playing board games and while our guests had some appetizers and coffee, I had celery and tea. They didn't mind because I wasn't making them eat celery. We also had my MOMS Club Christmas party. It was a potluck type dinner, so we brought a dish we knew would be good for us to eat and then could pick and choose what else we added to our plate. On top of this all, I only made it to the gym once this week because I caught Brady's cold and cardio probably would have killed me.

It will be three whole weeks before my next weigh-in. In that time, we will have Christmas, New Years, and traveling in the car back and forth to Pittsburgh for those holidays. There will be the baking of Christmas cookies this week and several holiday dinners. I'm not the best when it comes to tracking over holidays, but I'm not the type to gorge myself either. I've learned (the hard way) how to stop eating when I start to get full instead of trying to push past it in order to keep eating delicious food that will be gone tomorrow. I am hoping for no more than a 1lb bounce up at the next weigh-in. Last year I bounced up 2.2lb.

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