Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weight vs. Inches

A lot of people just think about weight loss in terms of pounds and if they've hit a plateau they get really frustrated and give up. Something I have learned is that measuring inches can help with this frustration. Sometimes when you're stuck at a certain weight, you can still lose inches.

I have come face to face with this issue in the last 6 months. We joined the YMCA in May and started working out several times a week for the first two months straight. Over the course of those two months, I lost 6.4lb and 1.5 inches off of my hips (my problem area). I then started to slack off quite a bit and didn't make to the gym for three whole months. Although I lost 8.8lb in that time, I only lost 0.5 inches off my hips. I was losing weight, but my measurements weren't changing, so my clothes fit almost the same.

I was getting frustrated watching the end of the Biggest Loser when the contestants would come out and show what they looked like after they'd been at home for a couple of months. There were several women who went home 30-40lb heavier than I currently was, but they were wearing the same dress size as me. That just got me mad. It wasn't fair. That's when I decided I needed to do something to change that.

I started to hit the gym again at the end of October and from then to now, I've lost another 3.4lb, but I've lost another 1.5 inches off my hips, 1 inch off my bust, and 1 inch off my waist. I also started measuring my thighs during this time period and lost 1 inch off each one. My pants are starting to fall off and I look forward to the prospect of buying myself some new clothes. This was our last week in the gym before Germany and we have no illusions that the gyms there will have daycares, so it may be a while before I make it back into a gym. I hope to lose more weight over there, but I know realistically, it'll be harder to lose inches.

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