Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Single Digits!!!

Just before coming home for the holidays, I had tried on some dress pants and was in between sizes, so I bought a black skirt instead. If I'd bought the pants, I might not have worn them more than once and I knew I'd get more use out of the skirt. I had plans to buy some more clothes after the holidays because the spring/summer clothes will be in the stores and the clothes I had last summer are not going to be a viable option this year. It's not even worth my while to ship them to Germany.

This Christmas, my aunt decided to get me a pair of nice dress pants. She called me in to try them on because she had a back-up present just in case they didn't fit. They were a size 8, so I was really skeptical. I went upstairs and was stunned when they actually fit. She explained that they were a special "curvy" fit, which is just perfect for me. I was just thrilled to get into a single digit pants size for probably the first time since 7th grade when I wore a size 9.

Just yesterday, I went shopping to use a few gift cards I'd received as gifts. It was the perfect opportunity to see if those size 8 pants had been a fluke. I was in desperate need of some new jeans because all the ones I had were sizes 11 and 12, and I always needed to wear a belt to keep them up. I took three pairs into the dressing room. I decided to try the size 8 first, because I always try on the smallest first, because if they fit, there's no need to try on the larger sizes. They fit and I always try the "sit down" test and they worked out pretty well. I had pulled in a size 10 of the same jeans, so those immediately got set aside. I had also brought in a size 9 of a different cut (especially since they were a junior size instead of women's). They fit great with a tiny bit of wiggle room. I was so excited to walk away with two new pairs of jeans and both of them in single digits! The best part was that they were both on clearance, so I was able to pick up other things on the gift card and not spend a single cent.

Getting into these smaller sizes helps keep me on track because I want to get into smaller sizes. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I always thought a size 6 was a small size that was pretty average without being stick thin, so that's my ultimate goal. I'm only one size away and I can't believe it!

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