Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "Skinny" on Points Plus 2012

I have now been to a weigh-in and have the new materials on the new Points Plus 2012 program. They switched things over online on December 2 and in meetings on December 4. The day they switched online, I noticed my points had dropped from 29 per day (the old low) to 26 per day (the new low). This means that I have 21 less points over the course of the week, which is nice on the days where I have trouble eating all my points and less points can only mean great results!

Most people's daily points plus targets haven't changed and there is now the option to change your daily points plus target +/- 3 depending on the results you're seeing. The only people who can't move theirs down are the people like me who are already at 26 points plus per day. That is the absolute lowest. I have the option to go back to 29, but I think 26 might be a better fit for me and everyone is different.

Basically, the Points Plus 2012 program is just a few tweaks on the old Points Plus program we all know and love. Aside from the ability to alter your daily points plus target, the etools online have been revamped to make it more user friendly. Those etools are now free for lifetime members. What happens is each month you weigh-in within 2lb of your goal weight, you receive a voucher with an access code you use online, which will give you free etools for 8 weeks. You must enter a new access code before that one expires or they will charge the card they have on file. It shouldn't be hard to enter a new code in time, since you get a new one each month. Of course, if you are more than 2lb above your goal, you won't get a new code and you have to pay for that week.

Another little tweak is that you are able to set a activity points goal for each week. Activity points are calculated by your weight and the intensity of the activity. For inactive people, their weekly activity points goal is set for 14 (or 2 per day). 2 activity points per day can be as little as 30 minutes of walking for some people and will get them more active. Since I'm already active, my activity points goal is 22 and I hit that last week. This week, I hope to surpass that.

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