Monday, December 19, 2011

Pizza Surplus

Several months ago, Andy brought home a pizza fundraiser form from someone at work. They were the kind where you get the frozen kit and then make them at home. I said it was fine to get the kit that would make three whole wheat cheese pizzas. I had completely forgotten about the whole thing until Andy says he's coming home for lunch to bring home the kits because they have to stay cold. This was the day after we came back from Thanksgiving.

He walked in the door with way more boxes than I expected. I started looking at the boxes and immediately had questions. I had said to only get the box with three pizzas. Andy had taken it upon himself to also order a box with nine personal pan pizzas and since he ordered two kits, they threw in a free box of chocolate chip cookie dough. Just what we need. Not only did more pizza come into my house than I had anticipated, but there were cookies, too!

Andy's excuse for ordering a second kit was that he thought they would come in sooner. Since they took several months to come in, we had enough to have pizza six times and less than six weeks left in this house. That meant we had to eat pizza on average more than once a week which is insane. We only have pizza twice a month in a bad month. We had pizza that night since we were fresh back from a weekend away from home and hadn't been to the store yet. After that, we would have to start to get creative.

Luckily, we decided that we'd have our cousins over for dinner and they said they wanted to eat pizza. That gave us the opportunity to make two of the full-size pizzas in one night and not have to eat it all. That really helped us out, and just tonight got rid of the second to last serving of pizza. That means we have one more night of pizza when we get back after the holidays. Sometimes you just have to punt.

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