Friday, September 23, 2011

The Cure for my Pumpkin Addiction

Earlier this week, we were at our favorite frozen yogurt shop, and they had non-fat pumpkin frozen yogurt. It was to die for!! On the way over I was trying to figure out when I could fit in the pumpkin pie shake at Sonic and this frozen yogurt made me forget all about it. I could probably have this flavor three more times and not even come close to how bad that shake would be. Full sugar, non-fat frozen yogurt is only 1 Points Plus per ounce, so it's a perfect snack. I also topped it off with some graham cracker crumbs to make it like pie. Andy wasn't convinced that it was non-fat because it tasted sooooo good. He was thinking of having it tested like they did in an episode of Seinfeld and found out that it wasn't non-fat, so when they busted the shop and they made it non-fat, it was terrible. That makes me think about how far non-fat and low-fat has come over the years. I remember eating Snack Wells cookies as a kid and how terrible they were. Now most people can't tell the difference if they're eating something light unless they're told.

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