Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 2011 Goals

This is it. This is the month that my goal is to hit lifetime membership. I am 2.8lbs away and if I average 0.7lb per week for all of September, I will hit it! That's an easier goal per week than I set last month. I've been this close before and bounced back up, so this is the test to see if I can actually get there. I am looking forward to hitting my lowest ever on program!

Andy made a promise to me when we first started dating that when I hit goal, he would take me on a trip. When he made that promise, we thought I would hit it before we got married since I was so close at the time. The promise still stands, but the logistics will be much harder now that Andy has a job and we have Brady. We have planned out all our vacation days for this year and are headed to Germany in January. Traveling in Europe is something we're going to do anyway so it doesn't count for my reward trip. That means we will have to wait until we come back and depending on when we have a second baby, I may have to wait until Thanksgiving 2013 to get my trip minus the kids. It will be worth the wait! I'm thinking Vegas since I haven't been since I turned 21 and Andy has never been.

September usually poses a series of challenges with the football season. We are too far from home to keep our Pitt season tickets, so that takes away several weekends of eating stadium food. I'll miss seeing the games live, though. Since 2004, I've been at almost every home game and this year I will only make it to 1. Being far from home also means no family gatherings for Steelers games, which also means food. The only challenges this month will be Andy's company picnic and when we travel to Atlanta to see the Mets play the Braves.

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