Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Light Foods

Red light foods. Every one has at least one and every one is different. A red light food is a food that you can't stop eating. For some people it's pizza, popcorn, or even french fries. For me it's tortilla chips and sometimes cookies. If I go to a party and they have tortilla chips, I will keep eating them because I can't stop myself. I try to keep them out of my house because I can remember eating a whole bag in one sitting before I joined weight watchers. I have a little more control now, but I could still eat the whole bag if I don't keep myself in check. When it comes to cookies, my friends in high school used to call me Cookie Monster and would know if I'd had one because I'd get a little giddy from it. When I see those cookie cakes in the grocery store I have to hurry by them because they are my ultimate cookie weakness. I will usually only let us get one maybe twice a year, but they don't last more than two days in my house.

It's hard to eliminate red light foods from your life forever, but it's better to try and stay away from them as long as you can.

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