Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Keeping Yourself Busy

The biggest reason people eat besides hunger, is out of boredom. They eat because there's nothing better to do and they want to keep busy. Watching TV, it's just habit to have a snack and people that do this eat without even enjoying the food they put in their mouth. I can't say that I'm innocent of ever doing this. In college, there was way too much time and our pantries were always stocked with food. If I'd already eaten, and an hour or two later my roommates wanted to go eat, I'd go with them and eat another whole meal. It is ridiculous to look back upon.

Something I have learned is that if you keep busy with hobbies or outings, there's less chances to be sitting around eating out of boredom. I love to cross stitch and scrapbook and when I do either of those things, my hands are busy for hours on end and I'm not even thinking about food. I'm not in the habit of eating out more than once a week right after weigh-in, so if Brady and I are busy a good portion of the day, I'm not eating. Most importantly, in order not to wake Brady during a nap, I go into my bedroom and don't come out until he wakes up. I eat my lunch before going in and that's 3 hours where I'm not eating and I don't mind it because I'm just enjoying my alone time.

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