Friday, September 16, 2011

My History with Jeans

Yesterday it was 92 degrees. Today and tomorrow are in the mid-60s, with 20+mph winds. That can only mean one thing - jeans weather. I think it's fair to say that jeans are a very popular pants choice and most people wear them almost every day. I have a complicated history with jeans.

I am a creature of comfort and that being said, I would choose comfort over fashion 9 times out of 10. As a child, I made a conscious effort not to wear jeans and didn't wear them until I wa
s in middle school. In the 90s, jeans came up over your belly button and that was probably the reason why I never wore them. While I was in middle school, low-riders came back into style and I was more comfortable wearing jeans, but still never wore them every day.

I think my weight had something to do with me not being fully comfortable. Jeans are more restrictive than other materials and I am built differently than a lot of people. My hips are very wide and even at the present time, my hip measurement is 12 inches more than my
waist measurement. That meant when I found jeans to fit my hips, the waist would be gaping and I was self-conscious about it. When I found a pair that wasn't terrible to wear, I would wear them until they wore out.

Women's fitted sweats and gauchos changed my life and made me forget all about jeans in college. I could now be comfortable all the time and wear jeans only on occasion. I still prefer to wear sweats and if I'm at home all day or just running to the store, I see no reason why I shouldn't wear them.

I've reached a turning point in my life when it comes to jeans. Today, it was cool enough to put on my favorite pair of jeans (pictured below). They are dark denim boot cut jeans size 11. It was a liberating feeling this morning when I was putting them on and I didn't have to worry about whether or not I could get them zipped (a thought that would go through my head every time I put them on in the past). I didn't even have muffin top above the waistband. When something fits so well and is comfortable, it's not hard to imagine wearing them out more often. I will be very sad when they become too large, but I will simply have to start a love affair with a new pair.

Christmas Eve 2007 (the last time before today that I was truly comfortable in my favorite jeans)

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