Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weigh-in for 9/17/2011 - I Hit Lifetime!!!!

Last weigh-in (9/10/2011) : 156.0 lb

This weigh-in (9/17/2011) : 154.6 lb

Change : 1.4 lb lost

I DID IT!!!!! 5 1/2 years, 4 states, 2 college degrees, and 1 baby later I finally hit goal weight! I'm still in shock. I want to dance and scream in the streets about it, but once again have just come home from more dental work and I'm numb.

So here's what happens now that I've hit goal weight. I am officially at a "normal" weight. I have to "maintain" for 6 weeks and then I become an official lifetime member, where I no longer have to pay as long as I "maintain." I put maintain in quotations because the definition of maintaining on weight watchers is to go no more than 2lb above your goal weight. So for me the magic number to stay below is 157lb. Hopefully, this won't be a problem because I want to keep losing weight.

It's hard to believe when I started this current hot streak, it was April 2 and I was 172.6lb. That's 18lb lost in just under 6 months. If you'd have told me it was possible back then, I'd have said, "Yeah right." It's time to set a new personal goal for myself now that I've reached a goal I've been working towards for almost 5 1/2 years, since I was 20. It was always, get to 155, get to 155, so I never thought much beyond that. Now I'm below it and I have to think about where I want to set the next benchmark. It took me a little less than 4 months to lose the last 10lb, and I have almost exactly 4 months before I step on a plane and head to Germany (don't worry, weight watchers is worldwide). That means I want to set my next benchmark at 145lb, but in reality I would be happy with anything below 150 since we are coming up on the holiday season.

You can probably see that my weight loss ticker at the top of the blog page has moved from a goal of a total of 60lb to 75lb, and 75lb would place me at 140lb. That's where I would like be at ideally before I get pregnant again, but we'll see what happens. I was 163lb when I got pregnant with Brady.

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  1. good for you! you're an inspiration! I lost 4.4 on my first week of WW...probably because I stuck to my 29 pts like a hawk that week and exorcized like crazy. Week 2, I've already slacked. But you'll keep me motivated! I want to get to 155 too!