Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weigh-in for 9/24/2011

Last weigh-in (9/17/2011) : 154.6 lb

This weigh-in (9/24/2011) : 153.4 lb

Change : 1.2 lb lost

1 week of "maintain" down, 5 to go! I'm feeling really good right now about where I am. I anticipated being at 155lb this week, so I may actually be able to hit the goal I set before Germany. The more I lose at this point, the further away I get from the "maintain" ceiling of 157lb. The last time I gained more than 1lb in a week was right after last Christmas, so I don't anticipate having any week with a huge gain that would push me above that limit.

This is the kind of week that proves that you can eat whatever you want on program, as long as you stay on your points. I ate steak twice, had chicken fingers at the Mets game, had frozen yogurt twice, and had Aussie cheese fries in ranch at Outback the day after weigh-in. Anyone can do this and can still live life!

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