Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back from the Beach

We are back from our week-long beach vacation. It was a bummer to leave, but it was good to get away from the temptations that come with a vacation mind-set. Although, I have regrets about things that I ate and drank, I take comfort in the knowledge that this type of vacation only happens once a year and next year there will be no beach vacation due to us being in Europe until late July. The next time we head to Virginia Beach, it will be summer 2013 and Brady will be 3! Hard to imagine.

Tomorrow, I will be back in the gym and it's taking all my willpower not to step on the scale. I plan to on Monday morning after a day of good eating and a killer workout. I'm sure my cardio endurance has died in the past week, but the good news is that it comes back quickly. I'll post an update on my current weight on Monday and my official weigh-in will be Saturday. I've seen myself lose 4lbs in 4 days after a bad weekend trip, so I'm hoping I can pull something like that off again and get a net loss, but I doubt it.

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