Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Importance of Breakfast

We're always hearing how important it is to eat breakfast, but most of us ignore that advice for many reasons. Some are too rushed to get to work in the morning or they think breakfast foods are bad for you (ex. doughnuts, bagels, etc). I am a creature of sleep, so in high school, when I was only getting 6 hours of sleep each night, eating in the morning made me feel nauseous. I knew that eating breakfast was essential to keeping your metabolism moving, but didn't really think about it too much. Even in meetings, they were telling us that eating a doughnut was better than eating nothing (which most of us would think would be worse).

Recently, something really opened my eyes. I was watching one of my weight loss shows, and the trainer told their client that when people don't eat breakfast, it's called the Sumo Diet, because that's how Sumo wrestlers slow their metabolisms to gain all that weight. That was really scary. Eating every 3 hours is essential to keeping your metabolism going at a good rate all day, even if it's something simple like an apple. I realize this when I skip a snack and then right before dinner, I am suddenly starving and raid my pantry. By the time dinner is ready, I've eaten too much and shouldn't even bother eating dinner. This is why I make a note when I eat so I know that I have to eat in 3 hours.

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