Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pop Cake

To a lot of people this recipe will sound a little crazy, but you have to try it to believe it! I have made this cake for parties and told no one that there was anything different about it and all they could say was how moist and delicious it was.


1 Box of cake mix
1 Can of diet pop

Step 1:

Make sure that your box of cake mix matches up with your can of diet pop.
Ex: chocolate cake and diet coke, vanilla cake with diet sierra mist

Step 2:

Pour box of cake mix into a large bowl and pour entire can of diet pop into the mix. The diet pop completely replaces the eggs and oil that the box says to add, so only add the can of diet pop.

Step 3:

Use a whisk and stir the batter. Make sure to leave a few bubbles. DO NOT use an electric beater! If you do, it will not be fluffy, you need the bubbles.

Step 4:

Use same baking time and temp on the box. Bake and enjoy!

You can get creative like a vanilla cake with diet orange pop, carrot cake with fresca, and I've even done red velvet cake with diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper. This recipe has 1/3 the calories of a cake made with the oil and eggs and tastes just as great!

You can also make a light frosting by getting a package of sugar-free jello in any flavor you like that will go with your cake flavor and mixing it into a container of Cool Whip. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. We do that all the time when we go camping. We make it in the dutch oven.....although we usually use regular pop. I guess diet would be better for us though:) We've also used it to make can canned fruit, 1 box cake, one can pop. It's yummy.